LetHerFly - She's got wings, All she needs is a sky

Opportunities, accomplishments and accolades don't discriminate. But people do, especially against the girl child. From birth to betrothal and beyond, it's a life filled with denial for her. And still, we get to hear stories of courage and conviction, of the girl child fighting her way against the waves to fly high.

LET HER FLY. These three simple words have the power to set a girl child free. It is a war cry, a mission statement to break the shackles of outdated mindsets, prejudice and discrimination. It plans to inspire and encourage parents, teachers, uncles and aunties, husbands, brothers, and colleagues to give the girl child the opportunities that she so rightly deserves.

We invite you to join our campaign #LetHerFly to ensure 3,61,612 girl children across CRY-supported projects soar high and realise their full potential.

Click here www.cry.org/letherfly to see videos of people who share what makes the women/girls in their life special. Below is one such video