YEAR 2013
  I feel good.... 
I feel angry and sad…
Increased awareness - Education for 6 to 14 years children is a fundamental right.
Year 2013 is the third year anniversary of RTE Act, 2009 yet implementation of RTE Act has reached nowhere near the promises made.
Enactment of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. Increased reporting of violence against children, child Abuse and Molestation cases.
Increase in cases of crime against children -  Child Rape, Abuse, Torture, Molestation cases and the way our system handles the same.
Total ban for Child Labor under 14 years.
Proposed child labor amendment does not completely cover all children between 14 – 18 years.
First yea of implementation of POSCO Act 2013
Awareness levels regarding POSCO Act, 2013 remained very low.
No Polio case reported in India.
Children continue to die due to preventable diseases – T.B. , Malaria, Diarrhea
Some efforts taken by various state governments in order to battle malnutrition – (awareness drives, IEC, schemes)
Malnutrition related mortality and morbidity numbers saw no change.
National Policy of Children (NPC) 2013 where children were mentioned as ‘supremely important asset’
Mussarfarnagar riots  where several children died in relief camps.
One of the largest evacuations Cyclone Phailin - over 80,000 people including children were successfully evacuated.
Uttarkhand flash floods – hundreds of children died, children went homeless. Schools were shut down for months.
Increased allocation and spread of ICDS in interior areas, and cabinet approval on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Policy 2013
2013-14 Budget for children – not an adequate allocation for children.
Protests, people coming together for a cause, increased energy in youth to demand accountability from state.
We are turning into a very ‘violent’ society. All we wish is death penalty!
Companies Act 2013 – makes certain section of companies to mandatory spend 2% of their net profits on corporate social responsibility.
Supreme court’s regressive step with respect to Section 377.


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