A day in the life of Ichha

Ichha’s day begins at four in the morning, cooking a frugal meal for her family, of which she probably will get only leftovers for herself. Without stopping to rest, she hurries to the market where she spends the rest of the day selling flowers with her siblings.

At another location, it is noon and Ichha is hard at work at a construction site, digging up rubble in the hot sun. Later, she will carry heavy bricks on her head for the workers on the higher stories. This is how she spends every day of her childhood.

In a village, Ichha is working hard in the fields. The only food she has had all day is not enough to nourish her even for a few hours but Ichha has been working for more than ten hours. It’s the same story every single day.

In the city, it’s five in the evening; you are stuck in traffic when Ichha approaches your car offering to wipe the windshield. This traffic signal also doubles as her home.

So, who is Ichha?

Ichha represents the millions of faceless, underprivileged girls who desire a happy childhood. Ichha is every girl who wishes to break free from her circumstances, go to school, read books and play with her friends instead of spending her childhood working for a living, doing household chores or living on the streets. 

The next time you see Ichha, click her photograph and share it on www.cry.org/ichha and help CRY - Child Rights and You ensure that every girl child gets her right to education.